Running isn’t always the answer

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“I wanted to get back in shape so I started running.” That is a common statement I hear from people who want to lose weight. It is usually followed by, “But I hurt myself.” Running is not the best exercise for those who have been sitting at work and home. They tend to have tight hamstrings, hip flexors, weak glutes and a soggy core.

I’m sure you have heard the fitness industry buzz word, “core work.” For many the idea is related to the lower back and abs only. If you take a closer look it not only encompasses the lower back and abs, it also includes hip flexors, glutes, abductors and adductors. So for best results I recommend an exercise program that strengthens all of the core muscles while gaining flexibility, mobility and stability. Once you discover the mind and body connection to activate your core, all other activity will improve. You will experience better body composition, slimmer waist and muscular gains that will improve your confidence, running distance and speed, your golf swing, increase your stamina for rock climbing and the list goes on.

So if you tried to get back in shape, were injured or did not know how to start, don’t give up. Invest in your health and seek guidance from a Personal Trainer or fitness professional. Within months you will see and feel the changes in your body and mind. You will wish you would have started sooner.

-Marie Borquez

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