Are you Over Training?

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Over Training

It can happen to anyone who is active – the dreaded overtraining. Its more than just feeling run down, cranky or sore. It can lead to reduced immune system, weight loss (in a bad way) injury and even sickness. Below is a list of common symptoms. Basically, overtraining happens when you overload your body and don’t let it recover properly. Ask any of our trainers how you can address this, by changing your workout plan, recovery window and/or nutrition.

Symptoms include:
– tired, run down, out of energy
– all over pain and soreness (not DOMS)
– drop in performance
– elevated resting heart rate
– decreased appetite
– reduced Heart Rate Variability (the best indicator, but requires some training to use)
– easily catch colds, flu and sickness

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Article by Sean Sewell

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