Answers About Creatine Supplementation

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Today im gonna talk to you all about the most widely used, and heavily studied supplement in the fitness world, creatine. I get a ton of questions about creatine

*when should I take it?

*how much should I take?

*Whats the best kind?

*is it even necessary?

Scientifically, none of those things have been proven yet. But Thankfully, hundreds of clinical trials have given us an information overload of different way to use it. Despite what some supplement manufacturers would have you think, creatine is naturally synthesized in the liver, pancreas, and kidneys from the precursor amino acids, arginine, glycine and methionone. It’s also available through most meats, but creatine content is rapidly reduced when cooked. And even then, we only absorb around sixty percent of it. Supplementing with creatine can help you increase your glycogen stores by up to 30%, this gives the body the necessary ingredients to produce more ATP. Now there are two main theorys about creatine usage.

Theory number one suggest you need to do a loading phase> where you take 5g creatine 3-4 times a day for seven days, then you just maintain by taking 5g per day there after.

The second theory states that the loading phase is unnecessary and is just a ploy by supplement manufacturers to can get you to buy more of the product.

I think the key is to take the lowest dosage with the maximum benefit. I say 2-5g pre-workout, 2-5g post, and 5g on off days. Also make note that absorption of creatine is enhanced when combined with substances like glucose that increases insulin. I suggest using grape juice because it has the lowest amount of fructose.

BUT let it be known that creatine does NOT increase muscle size! You cant take creatine and sit on the couch and expect gains in the gym. It increases energy production, so that you can work harder and build it yourself. nothing beats hard work guys! I would however say that creatine isn’t for everyone. The average gym goers wont see a benefit from it, but If you have serious muscle building or stamina goals, creatine is a safe, and effective way to get you there.

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