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Personal Training

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About the gym ...

Absolute Personal Fitness serves Lakewood, CO with two full service locations located only 5 minutes apart!
We offer 24/7 membership access, personal training, fitness classes, and a full complement of commercial strength, cardio, and body weight equipment

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Personal Training that is ... "personal". PROVEN TO KEEP YOU ENGAGED from start to finish! (First session FREE!)

Personal training should be “personal”.  There is no “one size fits all”. 

Do you spend more time picking a cell phone provider than picking the right fitness program?  At APF, we will help you pick the RIGHT personal trainer who understands what it takes to get YOU from A to Z.

Are you interested in personal training but don’t know where to start?  Are you a beginner, intermediate, or advanced exerciser?  Recovering from an injury?  Competing in a bodybuilding show? 50+?  Need to lose 50 pounds?  Need to gain 10 pounds?  Getting married in six months?  NO PROBLEM!   

We will collaborate and determine:

  • What are your fitness goals?
  • Why now? 
  • What worked and what did not work in the past?
  • What can you invest in time and commitment to accomplish those goals?
  • What are your pre-existing conditions and how do we work around those conditions?
  • What diet &  nutritional changes are you willing to make to accomplish your goals?

The first session is FREE! We will answer questions, set goals, and determine if it’s a good fit.  Remember, this could be the most important decision of  the rest of your life

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Physical Therapy

We are proud to announce we now offer Physical Therapy in house!

To learn more about Cindy’s services please click below

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Membership Benefits

Absolute Personal Fitness (APF) located in Lakewood, CO and the Denver Federal Center offers various membership options tailored to your fitness needs, budget, and time requirements.  APF members enjoy 24 hour access with our state-of-art key fob system, allowing workouts ANYTIME and accommodating your jam-packed schedule and busy lifestyle.

You’ll discover how easy it is to stay motivated and fit

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