Physical Therapy

Cindy Molina


Cindy specializes in manual therapy, dry needling and hands on treatment help you return the activities you love with improved function and mobility.

Cindy received her “master of science” degree in physical therapy from Texas Woman’s University in 2001. She hold certifications in manual therapy and dry needling. She received her manual therapy certification of NAIOMT and her dry needling certification through KinetaCore.

Cindy’s Story:

“I am passionate about doing everything I can to return you to your highest level of function because I can relate personally to injury. Several times I have been in positions where health care professionals had given up on me. At age 23 I was told by a doctor to just take drugs when my snapping hip flared up. After spending five years with hip pain, I saw orthopedist, who thought I had a weak hip. A PT tested me to find my hip strength normal. I didn’t know where else to turn, so I went to PT school to figure out what was wrong with my hip.  After learning that my core was too weak to support my activities, I strengthened my core and my hip has been pain free since then.

While in PT school, I hurt my shoulder and was told by one of my instructors just needed to quit playing volleyball. I wanted an answer and a solution, not to just give up.

Years later, while seeing a spine specialist for my back pain, the physician told me he couldn’t believe I was able to play competitive volleyball with spine as bad as mine. I played successfully and competitively for years without pain in my back.

I believe that these experiences have made me better therapist because I understand being in pain and I will look at every possible option of how to eliminate your pain or adapt the way you participate in your activity if your injury can’t to rehabilitated before telling you quit doing what you love. As result of knowledge I’ve gained as PT, as able to find the dysfunctions in body and correct was correctible and adapt what wasn’t. My passion is same for you.

When I am not doing my own physical therapy to keep my body functioning at best, I hike, bike, backpack, travel, garden and enjoy life.”

Trigger Point Dry Needling (TDN):

Trigger point dry needling is a technique used to release painful tightness and tension in muscles, to improve blood flow and to decrease the adhesions of an immobile scar.

Manual Therapy:

Manual therapy consists of hands on techniques to improve mobility, strength, muscle awareness and function. Treatment includes mobilizations, manipulations, massage, muscle energy techniques, cueing and muscle education.

Posture And Movement Screens:

Posture and movement screens involve looking your alignment and movement patterns to determine if your problem is related to mobility or stability and finding exercise routine to target your deficits to improve movement patterns and function

Wellness Services:

Therapeutic Exercise Prescription:

We can give you simple home program to get you started on new exercise routine, give you specific exercises for tight or weak muscle or can tweak and modify your current program your workouts. Many people are comfortable exercising, just proper cuing on or education on most beneficial vs risky exercise for particular body part.


Suction cups are applied directly on skin to improve mobility and circulation and decrease inflammation as well as to decrease adhered scars.


Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization is technique using metal or stone device to decrease pain, improve motor control, decrease swelling, lengthen tight muscle and improve scar mobility.

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