Andrew Bennett

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

My background is in Psychology with a Bachelors and a Master’s of Kinesiology and Applied Sport Psychology. I have a passion for helping others enjoy more of their own passions. As a lifelong practitioner of Martial Arts I tend to work in the modality of functionality, range of movement, and confidence in your own body. As a hiker and outdoorsman in Colorado, I understand the desire to explore without limitations. My goal is to help you build an athletic, functional body to help you do more of what you love while emphasizing the physique you’ve dreamed of. I utilize a “peak performance’ model of training that is science-based, and research driven. In addition to my NASM certifications, I am also currently completing my master’s degree in applied sport psychology. My goal is to create a holistic view of the individual that tailors your plan to your unique needs and goals.

A typical training session will cover a mix of traditional strength training lifts while incorporating kettlebell and functional movements to emphasize the use of muscles in
various planes of motion. By working from the standpoint of building and then owning muscle, we will work on strength and physique while helping improve agility, balance, and stability. You can expect to get out what you put in and a trainer that is here to help align a program specific to your goals.