Why Stretch?

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How important is it to stretch?

How often do you stretch? Many people consider stretching to be a tedious & boring task. We know we “should” stretch, we hear it all the time! But, we put it on the back burner, thinking “I don’t have time, I’ll stretch next time I workout”. Maybe it’s because we can see the results of “working out” – cardio, resistance training, etc, but we really can’t SEE results of stretching. I agree completely, however, and more importantly, we can FEEL the positive affects of stretching!!

Why is stretching so important? There are many benefits of stretching; 1) Correct muscle imbalances 2) Increase joint range of motion 3) Decrease excessive tension of muscles 4) Relieve joint stress. All of which decrease risk of injury. The best time to stretch is when your muscles are warm – after a 5 to 10 minute warm-up or after your workout. Make stretching a part of your workout, you will feel the difference!stretching

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