What is Functional Training?

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What is Functional Training?

By now you have probably heard of Functional Training. What exactly is it? It is a system of training based on real world movements and patterns. It can be bodyweight only and/or use fun tools like TRX, BOSU balls, Stability Balls, Medicine Balls, Ropes, Resistance Bands, Kettlebells, tires, sandbags and just about anything else you can find in day to day life. Functional training, if performed correctly, can lead to better joint mobility and stability, as well as more efficient movement patterns. Improving these factors decreases the potential for an injury sustained during athletic or day to day movements. The benefits come from the use of training that emphasizes the body’s natural ability to move and respond to stimuli. In comparison, though machines appears to be safer to use, they usually restrict movements to a single plane of motion, which is an unnatural form of movement for the body and may potentially lead to faulty movement patterns or injury. A 2009 conducted research, published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research which compared functional training to fixed variable training techniques showed very substantial gains and benefits in the functional training group over fixed training equipment. Functional users had a 58% greater increase in strength over the fixed-form group. Their improvements in balance were 196% higher over fixed and reported an overall decrease in joint pain by 30%.

This does not rule out the use of good equipment in training. In fact, we find that a combination of equipment and functional training has the most benefit. Come in and try a session of training on both to see and feel the difference! We offer a free TRX based Functional Training Class Monday mornings at 6:30 am and Bootcamp Class Wednesday afternoons at 5:45 pm. We also offer personal and small group training throughout the week and can help you learn how to use all the great equipment you will find at Absolute Personal Fitness.

Visit our Lakewood Fitness center for more info! Or call 720-389-9693

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