Raquel Broker

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Hello there! Welcome to my world of fitness. My name is Raquel, and I’m thrilled to share a glimpse into my fitness journey with you. As part of the FitAbulous brand, I work passionately to assist women in their pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.

Back in 2015, I stepped into a gym for the first time, completely clueless about fitness and where to begin. Weight loss was my goal, but staying consistent and seeing progress seemed like an uphill battle. I experimented with online coaches and programs on and off, but they never quite catered to my individual needs, and I struggled to stay committed. Little did I know that achieving the progress I desired required a complete transformation and a mental shift.

It took me years of battling with myself until 2021, when I finally realized I couldn’t sustain my old habits and negative mindset towards fitness any longer. That’s when I made a conscious decision to flip the switch and become a whole new person. Starting in my basement, I set up a home gym and sought inspiration from coaches and trainers who motivated me to take action.

Yet, I felt like something was missing—a vital piece of the puzzle. That’s when I discovered Absolute Personal Fitness and stumbled upon one of their exceptional personal trainers and coaches. Hungry for change, I took a leap of faith and embarked on a journey I had never experienced before. I enrolled in one-on-one coaching, which provided me with personalized nutrition guidance, tailored workouts, and valuable personal training sessions through Absolute Personal Training and FitAbulous. It turned out to be the greatest investment I had ever made for myself.

And here I am today, determined to assist other women who are eager to invest in their well-being and embark on their own fitness journeys. My mission is to motivate and inspire like-minded women to enhance their fitness, health, and overall lifestyle. As part of the FitAbulous and Absolute Personal Fitness community, I have the privilege of offering customized nutrition plans, workout programs accessible through our app, regular check-ins, invigorating personal training sessions, and much more!

Join me on this transformative path, and let’s make a positive impact together. Together, we can achieve remarkable results and create lasting change.