Is it Safe to eat Mercury Rich Fish?

Most people think that when they are exposed to mercury rich food, all that matters is the level of mercury they are exposed to. This is not true. Dr. Nicholas Ralston says that there has been exposure of a certain level in one population with noted negative effects and a higher exposure in another population […]

Are you Over Training?

Over Training It can happen to anyone who is active – the dreaded overtraining. Its more than just feeling run down, cranky or sore. It can lead to reduced immune system, weight loss (in a bad way) injury and even sickness. Below is a list of common symptoms. Basically, overtraining happens when you overload your […]

Running isn’t always the answer

“I wanted to get back in shape so I started running.” That is a common statement I hear from people who want to lose weight. It is usually followed by, “But I hurt myself.” Running is not the best exercise for those who have been sitting at work and home. They tend to have tight […]

Rest and Recovery

The Importance of Rest and Recovery Most people understand the importance of rest so that their bodies and recover from their workouts. However, many still over-train and don’t get the adequate rest their bodies need. The body repairs and muscles strengthen with rest. Continuous training without adequate rest can actually weaken your body. Rest days […]

What is Functional Training?

What is Functional Training? By now you have probably heard of Functional Training. What exactly is it? It is a system of training based on real world movements and patterns. It can be bodyweight only and/or use fun tools like TRX, BOSU balls, Stability Balls, Medicine Balls, Ropes, Resistance Bands, Kettlebells, tires, sandbags and just […]